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✍️ Why I’ll Never Run Out Of Creative Content Ideas

It’s not just that I’m interested. It has *infinite game* …

I was listening to a successful youtuber discussing what he could do in his life so he’d have something to create content about. I thought his idea was a bit contrived. I’ve also heard a lot of would-be content creators asking what they should write about.

It’s obvious to say that I should write about what’s interesting to me. What is extra is that my chosen subjects became interesting because they were limiting my ability to live my life happily. If these challenges were resolved, it would feel like something miraculous had happened. Then, I might ask the question: What’s next?

In two areas that I write about, meditation and software, I don’t expect to succeed. Failure is almost guaranteed. They are hopeless causes. But the journey will produce partial successes that are worth the effort.

I’m writing to organise my thoughts as I build a path through life. It is an infinite game. I’ll never run out of content.

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