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🎲 Why Do I Believe What Scientists Tell Us?

I’m not an anti-vax, flat-Earth believing, climate-change denier…

I chose science subjects at school, but I’m not a research scientist. Even if I was, I wouldn’t have the time to do the reading necessary to come to an opinion about the various important debates of the day. So why do I think that the earth isn’t flat? Why am I unconvinced by scientific conspiracy theories?

At school and college, there were the classes and then there was time in the library. I would read magazines such as New Scientist and Scientific American, and biographical books about famous physicists, chemists and mathematicians. What I absorbed was an image of the working life of scientists.

There is the discipline of the scientific method and a global community that communicates to support and to challenge each others’ work. It isn’t perfect, but at some point in the process the community may come to accept a certain view as being the most reliable one.

This is the process that I trust above the noise of conspiracy theories.

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