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  1. Why Apple Is To Technology What Jaguar Was To Cars — I think it was a Toyota executive who said that Jaguar made beautiful furniture. He was referring to their unreliability. They were nice to look at and sit in but they let you down when you used them. Similarly, Apple makes devices that are beautiful in a static way. But their most enduring negative quality is their unreliability. Apple seems to be making a study in unreliability – finding all of its forms.

    (It’s not true to say they are unreliable in every way. When it comes to privacy, they have led the pack.)

  2. I wonder, cynically, if ‘UI’ at Apple stands for Unreliable & Incompatible.

    I wonder if there’s a trap Apple have fallen into.
    Defining themselves as a boutique style arty creator that appeals only to a minority allows them to keep their prices high. At the same time, it’s a great excuse to cover up legitimate deficiencies that cause some people not to use their products. It’s a problem because it’s themselves that they’re kidding. They’ve come to believe their own marketing messages.
    There are other aspects to this boutique identity that I’d like to go into, but it’s a bigger topic – about the limits of quality and feature richness that that approach can deliver, and the cost we pay in unreliability and lack of valuable features.


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