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  • The Practice – by Seth Godin

    The Practice – by Seth Godin

    This is a new addition to my 2023 reading list.

    Seth Godin says he loves to write about the creative process, or The Practice.

    As I make the switch from employee drudgery to solo content creator, I want his words in my head, guiding me forward.

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  • Starting The Creative Craft

    Starting The Creative Craft

    It’s amazing how much time I wasted before I started to create some content. Eventually, I did come around to dropping all my fancy ideas for a website and committed to sitting down every day to write.

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  • Show Me Your Bad Writing

    Show Me Your Bad Writing

    “Show me your bad writing” says Seth Godin.

    Seth is talking about writers’ block. He says it doesn’t exist. What we get stuck on is self-judgement. A fear of how our writing will be received by others. So procrastination sets in.

    The solution is to do your bad writing (if seeing it that way is what it takes). Then, says Seth, if you do enough bad writing, it will turn into good writing. Or you’ll discover that it’s not what you’re supposed to be doing.

    So here it is.


  • First Past The Post

    First Past The Post

    So, I published my first blog post.

    It was short and sweet – just seven words. The purpose was to get over that initial resistance to writing and publishing.

    The most important part of starting a creative career, is the starting.

    It’s important to hit the ‘publish’ button. To get over that inertia and slay the monster of impostor syndrome.

    The first time I published, it was scary; but the second time was exciting! It’s so much better than all that plotting and planning and thinking about what might be.

  • I Am A Writer

    I Am A Writer

    I am a writer.

    And writers write.