👨‍💻 Splitting My Website Into Two Websites

When I first created my website, I knew I wanted to think about (and therefore write about) a few subjects that were alive for me. Not being sure how to split them up, I went with a single website, under my own name.

As I started to draft some content, the subjects became clearer and I could divide them up, making menu entries for each topic. So my website was a bit eclectic, but now it had structure.

Then I started to read about SEO and I realised that google would struggle to know what topics I was writing about. Who should it send to my site? Some topics fit together just fine, such as productivity and software, but it’s hard to fit meditation into the same mix.

I also saw that meditation divided into so many sub-topics that it needed a whole taxonomy of its own. I wanted to write a journal of my development through meditation, and a different journal of the challenges of learning content creation. Plus I wanted to keep separate collections of the books that have informed my progress.

So, now I have a website called pierrethemeditator.com and another, behind-the-scenes type website, under my own name, which is what you’re reading now.