Solo-preneurs of the world, Disunite!

It sounds like the revolutionary call for the workers to unite. But the path of the greater resignation is one of independence.

The word saboteur is derived from workers wearing wooden shoes called sabots who interrupted production. But sabotage is a negative behaviour.

A nice pair of slippers, on the other hand, is part of the creative loafing experience.

The shoe called the loafer got its name because it’s easily slipped on, without the work of laces and knots. That sounds like a metaphor for the independent, creative career I have in mind.

So maybe those who choose the path of the greater resignation are loafeurs.


Identity Fuels Action

My first blog post was called “I Am A Writer”.

Seth Godin says …

“Identity fuels action, and action creates habits, and habits are part of a practice, and a practice is the single best way to get to where you seek to go”.

Godin, Seth. The Practice (p. 30). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

According to Ernie J. Zelinski, researchers have found that the difference between creative and uncreative people is that creative people think they are creative.

I find that it works. After announcing to myself that I’m a writer, I’ve started taking the daily actions that make it true.