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Category: Adobe

I chose Adobe as the supplier of my media design technology.

This was because I’m a complete beginner and I don’t even know what I don’t know. I don’t know what I might need. I don’t even know what I might try to do.

So I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud as a way to have a suite of tools I can use to explore the space.

The app that I’ve used first is Adobe Illustrator – for making quote images. Next I expect to use it for making featured images for the blog posts – just as a way to have something colourful to show. I might overlay some words, as a nice way to show some context.


A way of making learning fun has been to deliberately start with the easiest image design I could think of.

This was the making of an image quote. I started literally with black text on a white background, in Adobe Illustrator. Making a single image quote this way already taught me a lot about how Illustrator structures things and also about exporting to different image formats.

Then I started to play – changing the background and text colours.

Each time I see an image quote, I try to do one thing different with its image.
I adjust the aspect ratio or the resolution.
I play with whitespace. Or install a different font in Adobe Fonts.
As I do so, I start to believe in a trajectory that will take me to new types of image creation that I hadn’t thought I could tackle before.
It’s fun, and energising, and encouraging.