The Joy of Not Working

By Ernie J Zelinski.

The title of this book really spoke to me.

7 thoughts on “The Joy of Not Working”

  1. pp25-26 – I like the way he talks about leisure, not as idleness, but as a time for personal growth and thinking. One of the things I’d like to do in my resignation is to explore the depth of meditation in the Buddhist tradition. The development of such personal qualities seems a worthy endeavour. Leisure as a progression from work, rather than the cessation of it.

  2. I think David Allen might have described himself as ‘lazy’ – meaning that he wanted the way to achieve with minimum effort. So he came up with a really smart system. Creative loafing, or creative laziness.

  3. leisure vs hustle (and crushing it, which I want to do, Gary Vaynerchuk’s book is inspiring, and the pace of content creation works for social media)

    people like Demis Hassabis, I’d say live a leisurely life. Even though they work many hours and they are ‘crushing it’.


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