This about page is a work in process. Because this website is a work in process. Because the journey from my greater resignation to being a solo content creator is a work in process.

This is the blog that makes the blog. It is the behind the scenes as well as the output. Like one of those watches with a transparent face you can see its working parts.

A Greater Resignation

The triggering event was quitting my job. This why I start with the theme of a great resignation.

I was surprised to discover that the great resignation that everyone has been talking about is rather mundane.

I am seeking a greater resignation than that.

Permission to not slog through life.

📚 The Joy of Not Working – by Ernie J. Zelinski.

Arriving back at the family home. With no income. I have a vague idea that I can develop the creative skills to create online content that will have value to myself and others.

The numbers seem against me. When I look at how many visitors you need to generate ad revenue, it seems like a crazy high number.

Yet, I believe in the opportunity of the creator economy. And I believe in the practice.

Getting Started

I deliberately started this blog before I felt ready to write. The point was to develop my writing and the purpose of the writing, by writing. Because writing is thinking.

The most important part of starting something new, is the starting. So my first post was just eight words long.

Then it’s a matter of building momentum.

And then keeping going.

You have to publish. Push through impostor syndrome and inertia.

It’s Still In Pieces

• logotherapy – what do we live for?

• ikigai – a fourfold test

• the practice – the way

• agile – methodically

• GTD – focus, a clear mind

The Creative Practice

The practice of content creation. Currently inspired by the books of Seth Godin and Austin Kleon.

Getting started and keeping going. Agile.

Publish the work.



📚 The Practice – by Seth Godin

Content Creation

Content creation


Different types of media

Currently is written text


And Twitter

Manipulating wordpress and a theme to display content


Swapping work-life balance, for life-work immersion.

📚 There’s a book called Deep Work. Is it relevant?

📚 There is also the idea of Infinite Game. I like the idea that a life-work doesn’t have to be completed on one’s lifetime. There’s no being ahead or being behind. It just is.


The lifestyle of a solo creator. And of a greater resigner and solo-preneur or anti-preneur – success, creative loafing, time-freedom. No hustle. Zen style.

My greater resignation, since the great resignation was disappointing by definition.


Technology for content creators. Which is currently just for creating a website for writing a blog.


Productivity. Starting with David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. Taking action on the practice and life-work and creating the conditions that support them. Making space for them. Making a process and a practice. GTD brings the doing/action aspect of this journey. It also stabilises the rest of my life so I can push forward with this vision of solo content creation.

The Creative Economy

This is what enables someone like me, who hasn’t had a career in content creation, to think they can just strike out and give it a go. There are things happening in terms of AI & robotics that point to a future where we don’t even need a creative economy to have this freedom. So, as good is it is now, we’re on a trajectory for it to get better.

How Am I Doing?

Is this my great resignation?