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The Practice – by Seth Godin

Book Cover - The Practice -- by Seth Godin

This is a new addition to my 2023 reading list.

Seth Godin says he loves to write about the creative process, or The Practice.

As I make the switch from employee drudgery to solo content creator, I want his words in my head, guiding me forward.

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2 responses to “The Practice – by Seth Godin”

  1. Andrew Stanley Avatar

    I don’t understand


    1. PXT Avatar

      Hi Andrew,

      There isn’t much to say at the moment. I’ve just added this book to my reading list and will start reading it soon.

      I’ve heard Seth Godin talk about the creative process before and I find him inspiring. I used to be an employee in a non-creative career. Now I’m making the switch to working for myself and creating content online. So it’s very relevant to me.

      I’ll be building this post out as I read the book.

      Did you have a particular question about something I wrote?

      All the best,

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