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My WordPress Issues List

Of all the wordpress hosts I’ve tried, I’m happiest with But I’m accumulating speed bumps as I build this website, and I want somewhere to track them. So here it will be.

I want to succeed and if is great then that helps me. So I’ll list my issues and attempts to resolve them here with a positive intention. It also helps if I can explain the issue without having to write all the detail into support chat.

So I’m not a complainer and maybe each issue here will end up with a workaround or a fix and it will be an empty post.

Off we go…

  1. The floating Edit button bar – missing in action

The floating Edit button bar – missing in action

I’m on a block theme. In theory, when I’m logged in and looking at the site front end, there should be a little floating toolbar of buttons: Edit Site; Edit; …

This only appears sometimes. Usually I have to scroll to the bottom of the post or page to make it appear. This is a pain for long postsl

Sometimes, it never appears, even when I scroll up and down to try to jog it into existence.

Worse, my other site is on the Business Plan. It’s been confirmed to me by a Happiness Engineer that it will never appear on my site because it has active plugins. Those plugins were installed by when I transferred to the business plan. So the edit bar will never display. What’s worse is that the default theme for 2023, called Twenty Twenty Three, doesn’t display an Edit link on posts and pages as we’re used to seeing. Presumably this was a decision made by the team on the assumption that the edit bar would do this job.

On the Business Plan site, the happiness engineer helped me install a piece of code that would replace the header bar with the wp-admin one. There I could access the Edit Post button. Actually, this is better than the modern floating Edit bar because it also has an edit button when I’m viewing a tag or category.

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