Is This My Great Resignation?

It’s a question, because it isn’t great yet.

I don’t have much evidence of future success. I haven’t gathered the statistics on blogger success rates. That’s not the point. The point is that this change, away from permanent employment, is what I felt driven to do.

Previously, my work life had always moved in the direction of greater freedom. From living at home in a small town; then university in a big city; then a job with my first real money; then backpacking abroad; to discovering I could travel the world as a freelance consultant.

Then everything collapsed and I needed to return to a regular day job. It felt like prison. I’d heard about the creator economy and then the great resignation. It sounded more like the great escape. So I jumped. Back to the family home, to my old bedroom, with two years’ cash if I eat a lot of brown rice.

At least I’m back on the path of freedom.


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