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This is My Great Resignation

I permanently left permanent employment in July, 2022. In the three years of my last employment, I noticed a steady worsening in my health. By the third year, I felt awful. So here I am, making my break for freedom. [Read more]

Content Creation

From zero to hero? I’ve jumped out of permanent employment into a the life of a solo content creator. No skills, no experience, just the belief that I can do this. [Read more]


My content creation journey starts with: Apple, WordPress and Adobe. [Read more]


I like the definitions of productivity coming from Tiago Forte and David Allen. It’s less about cramming as much action into the minutes of the day, and more about quality of life. [Read more]

Creating PierreTilston.com

Behind the scenes: leaving a safe career in order to start creating content about meditation.

Creating PierreTheMeditator.com

Learning to create content about meditation.